Admixture concrete Mira 188

MIRA® 188 is a high performance new generation mid-range water reducer based on  comb polymer technology. It is a ready-to-use liquid admixture with superior dispersing capacity for the cement particles in the concrete mix. This capability exceeds that of normal water-reducing admixtures, resulting in lower dosages and better control. MIRA 188 is formulated to comply with the following specifications for chemical admixture for concrete: ASTM C 494, Type F and Type G. MIRA 188 contains no added chloride. One litre weighs approximately 1.07 kg    ± 0.02 kg.

Product Information

MIRA® 188-New Generation Admixture for Performance Enhancement of Mid-Strength Concrete
- Provides long slump life with controlled set times.
- Finishes easily without stickiness, tearing or spotty set characteristics.
- Less susceptible to segregation and bleeding.
- Highly efficient, producing desired slump concrete with no loss in strength.
- Quick and easy application to the concrete mix water for rapid batching.
MIRA 188 produces concrete with extreme workability characteristics for middle slump, Grade 35 - Grade 50 concrete. It also allows concrete to be produced with low water/cement ratios at middle slump. MIRA 188 is ideal for use in any concrete where it is desired to keep the water-cement ratio to 
a minimum and still achieve the degree 
of workability necessary to provide easy placement and consolidation.
Addition Rates
Addition rates of MIRA 188 can vary with type of application. Depending on the application, dosage rates can range from 600 to 2,500 ml / 100 kg of cementitious material. However, in most applications, 800 to 1,400 ml / 100 kg of cementitious material will be sufficient. For best results, MIRA 188 should be added with the mix water. At a given water-cement ratio, the slump required for placement can be controlled by varying the addition rate. Should job site conditions require using more than recommended addition rates, please consult your Grace Representative.

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